My name is Zach T. Jordan.

I am an Illustrator, A vibrant cartoonist, a humorous Caricaturist, a realistic Portraitist, for the most part an Artist. I have been drawing since the day I was able to hold a pencil. Art became, is, and always will be an important and focal part of my life. I am a graduate of CCAD with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration and a minor in art history. 

As an artist I am a focused cool headed individual who keeps the subject matter both visually interesting and varied. By being very punctual, I'm straight to the  point, I draw in the viewer and keep their interests alive. While my art is most always eye catching, the  subject matter is of different worlds, with a change in style, technique and mood. While the art can be intense and in your face it can also be quiet and calming with subtle beauty. From ridiculous humor to  a dark fierce quality, the art I love to create uses realism and iconic figures.